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Pair of Dallas-Area Defenders Continue to Make Their Names Known

(Via Carmelo Clawson/Instagram)

The Lone Star state is home to some of the most successful high school football programs, making the history of Texas high school football one of the most legendary in the country. Possessing 12 different divisions throughout the state, the talent found in Texas has produced some of the top high school football players for years, many of whom have been able to find that same success in both college and the pros. While thousands of athletes boast the talent to find their way to the next level, many struggle to make their name known. For two Class of 2027 athletes lining up on the defensive side of the ball, steps are being taken to get a head start in becoming household names.

Braylin Barnett, Safety, Timberview High School (TX)

After winning a FBU National Championship at the end of 2022, Braylin Barnett decided he wanted to further prove his skill and potential to himself and others. Attending the Prep Redzone camp in Texas a few weeks ago, Barnett was able to earn a Top Performer award and secure a spot on the First Team All Camp team.

“It meant a lot to me to earn those awards at Prep Redzone,” Barnett said. “I got to compete with the best [players] in my area and prove that I could do more than hold my own.”

A lengthy safety who clocked a 4.5 forty-yard dash time, Barnett’s capability to keep up with opposing players while also having a nose for the ball make him a dangerous prospect for the next four years. A player who also excels at the receiver position, using his speed to blow by defenders, Barnett’s ability to decipher plays while sitting in the secondary further extend an already impressive football IQ. A player possessing all the necessary tools to garner national attention in the coming years, Barnett knows the only thing holding him back from being an immediate impact player at Timberview High School is his 140-pound frame.

"I'm really focused on getting bigger before I start my freshman year," Barnett said. "Once I put on some size, I think I'll be able to compete with anyone at any age."

Carmelo Clawson, EDGE, High School Undecided (TX)

Another player who has had no problem shining bright in the spotlight, Carmelo Clawson carries all the tools to be the next great pass rusher in the state of Texas. Possessing an incredible bend when coming off the edge, Clawson’s ghost rush looks the part of every edge rusher’s dream. While the ghost rush might be Clawson’s most jaw dropping move in the eyes of spectators, it isn’t the only move the eighth grader has in his bag.

“The ghost rush and the cross chop are definitely my two favorite moves when I’m rushing the passer,” said Clawson. “I like to set up my power rush by using my speed rushes. I can run through someone just as easily as I can run past someone.”

Already possessing excellent measurables for his age, the 6-footer has made a splash in recent months, attending the Prep Redzone camp as well as the Under Armour All-America Next camp. In doing so, Clawson has racked up the accolades and has caught the attention of multiple universities, racking in invitations to college showcases left and right.

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