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Collection Of Class of 2027 Football Players Look Forward To Opportunity

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

(Via Peyton Houston/ Instagram)

With the start of a new year comes with it a fresh look at what will be the future of prep football and beyond. In the company of thousands of players looking to make a name for themselves, a select few have already made their mark in the recruiting world. While some have already begun their high school careers, others have kick started their pursuit to the top by attending multiple camps focused on showcasing their skill sets. Here, we highlight prospects who will have the opportunity to shape the college football world five years from now.


For the majority, a football player’s high school career doesn’t begin until the ninth grade. For those who don’t know, Trent Seaborn is unlike the majority. Stepping into a starting role for Thompson High School as an eighth grader this past season after a barrage of injuries, Seaborn was able to capitalize on the opportunity presented to him. Leading his team to a 7A state championship in the state of Alabama and winning MVP honors in the process, Seaborn is on pace to have a lustrous high school career.

“Winning MVP and helping my team win a championship was a great stepping-stone for me. Obviously, I couldn’t have done it without my coaches and teammates, but it showed me that I could go out there and compete with the best of them.” Seaborn said.

Seaborn’s exceptional pocket presence and uncanny accuracy has caught the eyes of college coaches across the country. Accumulating offers from Ole Miss, Nebraska, and others throughout the past few months, Seaborn has already implemented himself as a bonafide top player in the class of 2027 and will only have room to grow the next four years.


Another quarterback holding a number of offers from Power Five schools, Peyton Houston will bring with him all the necessary tools to find success during his four-year career at Calvary Baptist Academy. An accurate quarterback possessing incredible arm strength and quick decision making, it seems as if Houston is able to make all the right reads, squeezing the ball into tight windows with what seems like ease. Also dabbling in baseball and basketball, Houston’s athleticism allows for him to scramble out of the pocket and make plays with his legs.

“I think of myself as a winner. I’ll do whatever I have to do to make sure my team wins the football game. If that means scrambling out of the pocket and using my legs, that’s something that I’m going to do.” said Houston.


For defensive back Micah Fleming, no challenge stands too tall, literally. While Fleming may look undersized when lining up against receivers towering over him, his technique sets him apart from any other player in the country.

“I have a lot of time to grow and get bigger in the weight room. For now, I’m continuing to work on my footwork and technique so when I do get bigger, I can be the best DB in my class.” said Fleming.

A Colorado native who will move to Alabama in the coming months to team up with Seaborn at Thompson High School, Fleming will have all the opportunity to grow into one of the best secondary players in the nation. Attending the Under Armour Next All-America camp a few weeks ago, Fleming caught the attention of his coaches and peers by recording two interceptions and nearly snagging a third one late in the game.


Another player who attended the Under Armour Next All-America camp, Ethan “Boobie” Feaster has already caught the attention of college coaches throughout the country. Holding offers from TCU, Ole Miss, and others, Feaster knows there is still a lot of work to do for the next four years.

“I’m extremely grateful for the offers that I have but I know that those offers can be taken away at any time. That decision is still so far away so right now I’m just more focused on being the best receiver in Texas and helping my high school win a championship.” said Feaster.

Lining up on both sides of the ball but preferring the receiver position, Feaster’s IQ and decision making are far beyond his years.

“Playing corner and then lining up at receiver, I like to decide how I’m gonna beat my man by looking at how he is lined up and playing me. My Coach D-Rob taught me to make a decision before the ball is even snapped.”

A dynamic receiver with a quick and highly developed release off the line of scrimmage, Feaster will look to continue the development and success that DeSoto High School has seen at the receiver position in recent years.

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