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Trio Of Athletes Continue To Impress During Showcase Outings

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

(Via @JerryOuthouseJr/ Instagram)

For the past few months, light has finally been shed on the class of 2027 as college coaches have begun to take notice. With coaches beginning to start that search for freak athletic ability and endless potential, players throughout the class have had no better chance to make their names known than by attending a multitude of camps and showcases dedicated to highlighting their skill sets. For three players who have accepted the task of showing up and showing out at these showcases, it seems as if the sky's the limit for what looks to be a special class of athletes gearing up for their freshman year of high school.

Bryson “BB” Brown, ATH, HS Undecided (OK)

If there is one thing you need to know about Bryson “BB” Brown, it's that he’s a certified winner. Winning two championships in back-to-back years at two different schools, Brown's mere presence could be to blame for his schools' successes as the athlete has made a name for himself as a certified baller.

If there is something else you should know about Brown, it's the fact that you can plug the young athlete into any position on the field and you won't be disappointed with the results. An explosive receiver who has the speed and acceleration to blow by his defenders, Brown has also seen time at the quarterback position, possessing enough ability to make him a three-way threat when on the offensive side of the ball. Defensively, Brown’s play recognition and instincts give him all the necessary traits to become one of the more dominant defensive backs in the class of 2027. While Brown has plenty of time to improve his mechanics throughout the next four years, his natural confidence is something you can't teach.

“Each time I lineup I’m ready to go,” said Brown. “I'm never going to back down from anyone. I'm excited for the opportunity to line up against the older guys and show them I can stay on their hip the entire time.”

Receiving an invite to attend the Under-Armour Next Camp Series on March 11, Brown will have further opportunity to implant his name among some of the best players in the class of 2027.

Jerry Outhouse Jr, DB/WR, Brewer (TX)

Another player who will have the opportunity to further showcase his talents at the Under-Armour Next Camp Series on March 11, Jerry Outhouse Jr. carries with him a physicality to his game that you rarely see from a cornerback. A clear-cut stud in coverage who is able to read his receivers like a book and make a jump on the ball, Outhouse also possesses a fearless mentality that has led to a barrage of big tackles on opposing players.

“I’ve always had a physical presence to my game, but I just recently started using it,” said Outhouse Jr. “It wasn’t something that I used to focus on like I do now. If I want to be the best, I have to be able to do everything on the field.”

Having the ability to make tackles in the backfield while also using his length to his advantage in the secondary, Outhouse Jr. looks the part of a true lockdown corner who will force offenses to avoid sending the ball to his side of the field for the next four years. Also not afraid to take it to the house when presented the opportunity, Outhouse’s ability to see the field and make the right decisions also make him a dangerous weapon on the offensive side of the ball.

A recent FBU National Champion and Prep-Redzone All-Camp member, Outhouse continues to rack up accolades and make his name known. Possessing exceptional talent and football IQ, it shouldn’t be long before we are hearing Outhouse’s name mentioned in media outlets throughout the country.

Aden “NuNu” Starling, WR, Shadow Creek (TX)

When watching Aden “NuNu” Starling’s highlight tape, it’s hard to keep your jaw from dropping to the floor in absolute awe. Possessing the traits and talent to make a name for himself as one of the most electrifying players in the country during his time at Shadow Creek, Starling has already caught the eyes of college scouts. Pulling in offers from Hawaii and Jacksonville State in the past few months, Starling is only in the beginning stage of making his name known on a national scale.

A nightmare for opposing defenders due to his “Mossing” ability, when Starling isn’t embarrassing his defender with his contested catch abilities, he is finding another way to put you on his reel. With ludicrous field vision that allows him to find his way into the open field on any given play, Starling’s tape speaks for itself as both a returner and wide receiver. Also possessing incredible straight-line speed that makes it nearly impossible to catch him, “NuNu” will have all the opportunity to become a household name at a Shadow Creek school that continues to boast Division One talent year after year. Even despite his abilities, Starling knows there is still a lot of work to do.

“I’m super excited for Shadow Creek and I’m extremely grateful for the offers I have,” said Starling. “I know nothing is going to come easy these next four years so I got to keep working and doing everything I can to improve every day.”

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